GMPC Open Access Policy

Definition of open access
All the published papers in GMPC journals are open access, which means they are immediately accessible to everyone in the world for free reading, downloading, sharing, and reusing. This implies that the whole text of all published publications and associated figures, tables, graphs, and supporting materials are freely available to everyone worldwide. Additionally, anybody can utilize previously published content as long as the original source is appropriately cited.

No special permission is required to reuse all or part of an article published by GMPC, including figures and tables if the original article is clearly cited. However, some articles, particularly reviews, may contain figures, tables, or text taken from other publications, for which GMPC does not hold the copyright or the right to re-license the published material. In this instance, the authors must obtain consent from the original publisher or authors to repurpose the resources.

Advantages of open access for authors
Open access, in the perspective of GMPC, offers both authors and readers a number of advantages e.g. i) open access makes research articles available to all scientists worldwide, especially those in developing countries or to researchers with limited resources. Additionally, it facilitates the dissemination of research findings among academic researchers and decision-makers from many disciplines. As a result, it enhances knowledge globalization. GMPC mission is to serve science by enhancing "Knowledge Globalization", for more information please see GMPC-mission. ii) open access strategy increase impacts of the authors as it provides high availability and visibility because everyone can download, read, and reuse the full text of all articles published by GMPC as the cost has been covered once, and the readers do not need to bear any subscription or charges to read articles published by GMPC. iii) open access articles are also highly citable due to their high and fast publicity and availability. All accepted papers are published online more rapidly than in traditional, subscription-based, and printed journals. iv) lower cost: One-time payment of article processing charge (APC) provides lower publishing costs. Open access publishers cover their costs for editorial handling and editing a paper by charging authors' institutes or research funding agencies. As a result, the APCs of open access publishers are considered only a fraction of the average income per paper earned by traditional, subscription-based publishers.

Article processing charges policy at GMPC.
Our open access strategy provides free and immediate online access to accepted articles for anyone worldwide at the point of publication. It allows him to permanently read, distribute, and reuse them free of charge because all the costs associated with our high-quality publishing service are covered through article processing charges (APCs). GMPC articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY- NC), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The GMPC charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) of 1000,00 € for accepted reviews and original research articles, and 600,00 € for short communications and case reports to cover copyediting and production costs of the journal, for hosting the website, publishing articles online, preparing HTML, XML and PDF versions of the article and submitting the articles in electronic citation database like CrossRef, plus VAT or local taxes where applicable.

Since we do not want to make the payment capability a barrier, if the authors or their institutions cannot cover the costs, they may apply for a complete or partial waiver at the time of submission.
Please download the APC waiver request from the author resources to explain the reasons for your request and send it to [email protected]

Last updated: 01-September-2022