January 22, 2024
New Research Topic: Advances in Diagnosis and Precision Medicine in Veterinary Oncology
GMPC Editorial office

The German Journal of Veterinary Research welcomes the submission of original research, review, or case study articles on animal cancers, including recent advances in the development, diagnosis, and precision medicine of the disease. This Research Topic includes the new classification and molecular drivers of disease, comparative oncology, and new treatment approaches such as new surgical methods, molecular targeting drugs, natural drugs, radiotherapy, as well as immunotherapy either as basic research or clinical trials. The development of new research methods such as cell lines and organoids are also welcomed.

The topic is edited by:

  • D. MOHAMED ELBADAWY: Department of Pathology, University of Georgia, Athens, USA
  • D. KARIN ALLENSPACH JORN: Department of Pathology, University of Georgia, Athens, USA
  • D. JON P. MOCHEL: Department of Pathology, Precision One Health Director - Precision One Health Initiative, University of Georgia, Athens, USA

Since we do not want to make the payment capability a barrier, if you or your institution are unable to cover the costs, you may apply for a complete or partial waiver at the time of submission. Please download the APC waiver request from the author resources to explain the reasons for your request and send it to [email protected].

The Submission deadline is 30.06.2024