The German Multidisciplinary Publishing Center (GMPC) is a dynamic international organization founded in Germany in 2020. GMPC is committed to launching high-quality journals for publishing articles, conference proceedings, and books in different aspects of life sciences to improve knowledge dissemination using excellent publication practices.

We aim to facilitate the dissemination of scientific research in natural sciences among a broad range of scientific communities rapidly and efficiently using excellent publication practices. To implement excellent publication practices and uphold publication ethics, all submitted manuscripts must follow the GMPC policies that adhere to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) principles. The GMPC has definite publication policies and informed all authors, editors, reviewers, program committee members, and contributors to be bound by our policies as a condition of participating in GMPC publications.


GMPC Publication Ethics Statement
GMPC is committed to maintaining excellent publication practices, establishing codes of conduct for good publication practices, and dealing with an allegation of misconduct cases, e.g., plagiarism, misrepresentation, falsification/fabrication of data, as well as appeals and complaints process, the peer-review process, authorship criteria, and copyrights, ethically and practically. GMPC journals follow the COPE Guidelines and adhere to its code of conduct and Best Practice Guidelines.

All manuscripts should comply with the ethical standards of the GMPC policies. Our principles are i) implementing transparency and best practices for all published content, including special issues and proceedings. Information among editors-in-chief regarding cases of suspected misconduct is shared; ii) early identification and disclosure of potential ethics issues during the editorial evaluation; iii) fairness iv) consistency by upholding the COPE's policies; v) safeguarding the rights and welfare of every person participating in the research, and vi) keeping ethics in research involving humans, animals, cells and plants materials.

Last updated: 15-Feb-2023