December 14, 2020
Make Your Research Discoverable with GMPC Journals
The GMPC Editorial Office

The German Multidisciplinary Publishing Center (GMPC) is a dynamic international organization founded in Germany. GMPC is committed to publishing high-quality journals, conference proceedings, and books in different aspects of life sciences to improve knowledge dissemination. Also, we are the publisher of a platform for master's and Ph.D. theses reviews as well as scientific opinions in the English language. Our unique approach tends to promote the swapping of knowledge, which in turn broaden the dissemination, and championing the benefits of research worldwide, especially theses that are difficult to access internationally because they are written in languages other than English. The GMPC provides the top researchers in their fields as editors and reviewers.

No boundries to dissmenate your research, The GMPC provides a complete or partial waiver for authors who are unable to cover the costs upon request to the GMPC editorial office at the time of submission (For more information visit the Author Resources page of GMPC journals).

Accepted manuscripts will be published online as soon as they are accepted with post-publication services including the continuous article dynamic evaluation for views, downloads, and citations. GMPC will update the authors about their article's impacts.

The GMPC Editorial Office

Kötztinger Straße, 93057 Regensburg, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 94120636123

Email: [email protected]