GMPC-Policy on Reproduction of Published Extracts

Before submission, authors must obtain permission to reproduce any published material (figures, tables, text, etc.) if they do not hold the copyright. GMPC- journals do not publish other publishers' materials without permission from the copyright holder. Authors are responsible for securing the necessary licenses for their texts, diagrams, tables, and other visuals.

Permissions are required for: i) the authors' own work published by other publishers, for which they did not retain copyright, ii) substantial extracts from other publications. iii) using unaltered or slightly modified data (e.g., tables and charts). iv) photos for which the authors do not hold the copyright.

Permission is not required for: i) reconstruction of the author's own data published elsewhere. However, the authors must cite the data source, e.g., "Data Adapted from...". ii) significantly changed data beyond recognition by the authors (e.g., Graphs and charts). The authors must ensure any underlying data adheres to the copyright provisions. Additionally, we recommend stating: "Reproduced with permission from [citing the source]".

Patents: It is the author's responsibility to resolve all patent applications and IP issues before publication. Applications and registration for patents must comply with GMPC.

Last updated: 15-Feb-2023