vol.3 , issue 2, 2023
Effectiveness of standardized red orange extract (Citrus sinensis) for weight reduction in canine obesity

Authors: Emerson Milla and Ivo I. Kerppers

Ger. J. Vet. Res 2023. pp:35-40
Doi: https://doi.org/10.51585/gjvr.2023.2.0057

views: 994

Identification of bacterial pathogens isolated from smoked blue whiting fish (Micromesistius poutasou) from Odeomu market in Osun state Nigeria

Authors: Oluwatoyin M. Aladejana, Mary Zakka, Ayodele O. Ogunlade and Oluwakemi A. Thonda

Ger. J. Vet. Res 2023. pp:27-34
Doi: https://doi.org/10.51585/gjvr.2023.2.0055

views: 919

Evaluation of dietary spray-dried bovine plasma fed to turkeys during brooding on performance to market age

Authors: Ashley A. Gernat, Joy Campbell, Adam Fahrenholz and Jesse Grimes

Ger. J. Vet. Res 2023. pp:16-26
Doi: https://doi.org/10.51585/gjvr.2023.2.0054

views: 1043

The first report of Brucella melitensis biovar 2 strain isolated from cattle in Turkey

Authors: Kadir Akar and Gülseren Yıldız Öz

Ger. J. Vet. Res 2023. pp:10-15
Doi: https://doi.org/10.51585/gjvr.2023.2.0053

views: 989

Efficacy of Olea europaea leaves and propolis extracts in the control of experimentally induced infectious bronchitis in broiler chickens

Authors: Sawsan, S. Elbasuni, Hatem Bahgat, Mai O. Nada, Marwa S. Khattab, Amira Abugomaa, Haitham Hamam and Mohamed Elbadawy

Ger. J. Vet. Res 2023. pp:1-10
Doi: https://doi.org/10.51585/gjvr.2023.2.0052

views: 1115