Can Lufenuron be an alternative treatment option in small animal dermatomycosis?

Authors: Bengü Bilgiç, Banu Dokuzeylül, Berna B. Bakay and Mehmet Erman OR

GMPC TOP 2021. vol. 2, Iss. 1 pp:14-18


Lufenuron (Benzoyl-phenyl urea) is a chitin synthesis inhibitor that inhibits chitin production. It has an ectoparasitic effect by causing impairment in chitin biosynthesis and larval development of various parasite species. Lufenuron is an agent that is effectively used as a pesticide against agricultural pests in the ecosystem and veterinary medicine. It is used to control various ectoparasites such as fleas and scabies of cats and dogs. The high prevalence of mycotic diseases in pet animals, especially in cats and dogs, and the increasing drug resistance in veterinary medicine reveal the importance of different treatment options. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Lufenuron as a new antimycotic agent in veterinary medicine.


Lufenuron, Antimycotic, Veterinary medicine, Dermatomycosis


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