The GMPC Thesis and Opinions - A platform for science globalization

Authors: Spyridon Ntougias

GMPC TOP 2021. vol. 1, Iss. 1 pp:1-2


The research effort is effective when published and becomes available to the scientific community. Scientist's professional success correlates to a greater extent with their research "internationalization." Although many international journals are committed to disseminating research, there are many difficulties accessing master's and doctoral theses due to language barriers. Additionally, publishing "Opinion or editorials" on hot topics based on the findings from empirical evidence on a global scale might explore ideas and stimulate researchers to focus on such topics. The GMPC-Thesis and Opinion platform will give master and Ph.D. students the chance to publish their thesis-review on an international platform. Moreover, it will allow the pioneers in the sciences to show their opinions in a global portal.


Thesis-review, Scientific Opinions, GMPC-TOP


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