Editorial Policy/Review Process

Why publish in GMPC?
  • GMPC considers all submitted manuscripts to review without selection bias.
  • GMPC provides fairness of review and speed publication.
  • GMPC editorial board and reviewers are selected among the best researchers in their areas of expertise.
  • GMPC disseminates accepted manuscripts globally.
author resources
  • GMPC provides an easy submission system to facilitate the submission process.
  • GMPC allows authors to suggest the potential reviewers and to exclude reviewers that might have conflict of interest.
  • GMPC promotes article submission through email alerts.
  • GMPC encourages authors to use the available templates that facilitate the peer review process.
  • For manuscript preparation please use GMPC author Guidelines.
  • For submission, please register yourself with GMPC and log in to the editorial system to start submission.
Editorial Office

As a part of the peer-review process, the managing editors check the manuscript and can decide on sending it to the academic editor, i.e., the "Editor-in-Chief" in the case of regular submissions or the guest editor in the case of "Special Issue" or an "editorial board member" in case of a conflict of interest and regular submissions if the Editor-in-Chief allows. The managing editor will check the manuscript's quality, novelty, and suitability to the journal scope before peer-review begins as follows: i) non-original works of low quality and/or showing plagiarism or duplicated will be rejected. ii) manuscripts with good quality and need to follow the template or need revision will be sent to the authors to be improved according to the GMPC journals instructions. iii) manuscripts with good quality and valid research questions and hypotheses, and in GMPC style will be sent to the reviewers. To avoid conflict of interest, guest editors of special issues are not able to access the review process of their manuscript and are prohibited from making decisions regarding their manuscripts. Editors can check the status of manuscripts and the identity of reviewers at any time when they need. They can communicate the GMPC staff at any point during the manuscript review process.


Authors can recommend potential reviewers, however, the academic editor can suggest other qualified reviewers. The editorial office of GMPC avoids conflicts of interest, and those with competing interests are not considered. The reviewers must hold at least a Ph.D. and have recent publications in the research filed of the manuscript. Reviewers must have not conflicted of interest with the authors. It is their responsibility to maintain high standards of professionalism and ethics. Reviewers have to upload their reports 2-3 weeks using our online platform. A maximum of two rounds of major revision are normally offered.
To avoid unreasonable time pressure and to make sure that all submissions are appropriately edited, we will request authors to withdraw their manuscript before resubmitting if the needed revision period is anticipated to take more than 2 months.
Additionally, authors can exclude potential peer-reviewers from consideration in the peer-review of their manuscripts; so far, these requests don't interfere with the thorough evaluation of the submission. The editor checks all the reviewers' recommendations or where one or more comments need to be rejected. The GMPC editorial office requests the authors to revise the reviewers' recommendations, either minor or major revisions.
The revised versions of manuscripts will be sent to reviewers. All reviewers can access the latest version of the manuscript via the ejournal manager editorial system.

Editor Decision

The final decision for accepting manuscripts is made by an academic editor (the Editor-in-Chief, a guest editor, or another suitable editorial board member) after ensuring that all reviewer comments are adequate and the quality of the paper is suitable to be published at GMPC. It is not permitted for editors (including Editors-in-Chief) to make decisions on their own papers; instead, their papers are assigned to another appropriate editorial board member. Authors are then notified that the GMPC editorial office has accepted their manuscript.

Stage Timeline (proposed)
Initial Quality Check 3-5 days
Reviewer Assignment 1 week
Under Review 2-3 weeks
Reviewer Reports Evaluation 1 week
Decision 3-5 days
Online Publishing 1-2 weeks
Total Proposed Time (from submission to acceptance) 5-8 weeks (considering one round of revision)

Accepted manuscripts will be adapted according to the GMPC style through our GMPC qualified production team. Figures, images, and tables of high quality will be used (Authors Guidelines). Professional English editors perform language editing. In case authors need comprehensive English editing, we offer this service for an additional fee. The authors will be informed before taking this step. It is also possible for authors to use other English editing services. Proofs will be sent to authors to be checked and confirmed. For any inquiry, authors can freely contact GMPC production office.

Post Publication Services

After production, articles will be published electronically in PDF formats. Papers will be dynamically evaluated for total views, downloads, and citations. GMPC will update the authors about their article’s impacts.

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Last updated: 15-Feb-2023