Editorial Policy/Review Process

Why publish in GMPC?
  • GMPC considers all submitted manuscripts to review without selection bias.
  • GMPC provides fairness of review and speed publication.
  • GMPC editorial board and reviewers are selected among the best researchers in their areas of expertise.
  • GMPC disseminates accepted manuscripts globally.
author resources
  • GMPC provides an easy submission system to facilitate the submission process.
  • GMPC allows authors to suggest the potential reviewers and to exclude reviewers that might have conflict of interest.
  • GMPC promotes article submission through email alerts.
  • GMPC encourages authors to use the available templates that facilitate the peer review process.
  • For manuscript preparation please use GMPC author Guidelines.
  • For submission, please register yourself with GMPC and log in to the editorial system to start submission.
Editorial office
  • GMPC provides the top researchers in their fields as editors.
  • Within 48 hours after submission, editors will check the manuscript for adequate methodology, ethical standards, accurate analysis and language. After fulfilling these criteria, editors invites reviewers that are selected among researchers in their fields.
  • Within 2 weeks, reviewrs will send their Independent Review Reports. Authors are asked to revise their manuscript and send their feedback or even re-submitt new manuscript if necessary.
  • The editorial decision is taken, and you immediately receive the notification within one week after submitting the revised manuscript.
  • In case of accepted manuscripts “Congratulations, your article was accepted!” authors are asked kindly to pay and article processing charges (APC).
  • The GMPC provides complete or partial waiver for authors who are unable to cover the costs, and if the waiver request has been sent to the editorial office explaining the reasons for your request at the time of submission.
  • Accepted manuscripts will be adapted according to the GMPC style. Figures, images, and tables of high quality will be used (Authors Guidelines). Proofs will be sent to authors to be checked and confirmed. For any enquiry, please contact GMPC production office.
Post Publication services
  • After production, articles will be published electronically in the Specialty Journal in PDF formats. Papers will be dynamically evaluated for total views, downloads, and citations. GMPC will update the authors about their articles impacts. For any inquiry regarding post publication services, please contact GMPC Editorial Office.
Contact GMPC Editorial Office